MGI (McKinsey Global Institute) writes that although being a hot topic for quite some time, as of today AI has not experienced a wide-scale commercial deployment. This means that there is still value to be added by AI-focused technological companies, and they can do so by delivering solutions based on the current examples of how players in different industries solve their specific problems by using AI.

The report argues that there are four main ways in which AI can create value, meaning that it can help to:
• Project – predict the variables that affect financial results
• Produce – decrease the production time and costs, increase product quality
• Promote – better reach the target audience
• Provide – improve the User Experience

MGI crew has studied the cases from 5 industries: Retail, Electric Utilities, Manufacturing, Heath Care and Education. Here’s what they’ve found about how businesses can adopt AI.

By Александр Писанов

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